Investor Dashboard

Investor Dashboard

You own Investor Dashboard, how you want it, for free!

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Why use this Investor Dashboard?

Your own investment dashboard, as you want it!

Lightning Fast & Real-Time

Lightning Fast & Real-Time is built with speed as one of the top priorities. We know that your time is limited and that you sometimes needs to act fast on data for doing the right investments and taking the best financial decisions.


Customizable by you

Build or style it yourself, add widgets of what you would like to keep track of, like news, markets, stocks, bonds any much more. Add widgets for like time in cities, after market, futures, interest rates and much more. You can also choose among pre-made templates from financial professionals.

Everything in one place

Everything in one place

Track what is important to you, follow your favorite news sources and your investments. You do not longer have to go to several different sources, now you have everything in one place, simple, fast and everything in real-time.

Enjoyable, on all devices

Visulize, drag-and-drop and view your Dashboard on any device

Dashboard Quick Overview

Quick Overview

This is your personal Dashboard, built as you want and looking like you like. Choose your theme, font and what data and where to show it.

Investor Dashboard

Build your dashboard with all the financial data that matters for you. Track stocks, bonds, funds, markets and much more in one place.

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Detailed Financial Information

Detailed Information

Go one level deeper in your investment dashboard and find more information on your investments and the financial data that you follow with prices or news.

What do investors say?

Listen to other investors in the community

I really like that I can have all the information and track all markets on the same place. I always have my Dashboard open in a tab in my browser. It helps me keep track of what is important to my and my investments.

Jamie Loo - Investor
Jamie Loo



One of the core features in your own financial dashboard is to track your investments, or potential investment in your favorites list.



Get news updates from the sources, stocks or industriies you prefer to follow. Follow one or many new sites or topics.


Stock Market Indexes

Keep track of the world's top stock markets, right in your investor dashboard. See changes, open times, highs and lows for every day and historical data.


Read and learn

Understand investing better with our investment tools, schools and courses. At your fingertips, on all your devices.

Dashboard Widgets

Cool, how much is it?

We decided that it's more fun if it's free, enjoy!